Brevik LNG Tank solution

The Brevik LNG Tank is a patented, scalable and adaptable tank fit for any type of refrigerated liquid cargo. The foundation of the Brevik LNG Tank solution is the support design, securing a stress-free interface between the cylindrical LNG tank-shell and the vessel hull-structure.

The cylindrical shape is verified to prevent any critical damage to the tank caused by "sloshing" that may occur with partly filled tanks. The location of the tanks below main deck opens for an unrestricted use of the main deck area. Volume and population of the tanks is modulated according to ship design and size of each actual project.

The patented Brevik LNG Tank has been implemented in several projects, including Bunker and Medium size LNG Carriers, conversion of existing Bulk Carriers to FSU/FSRU's, LNG storage vessels, and other specialized ships for refrigerated liquid cargo.

  • Cylindrical IMO B-Tank
  • Patented support system
  • Proven insulation system
  • Proven cargo handling system
  • Efficient utilization of vessel cargo hull capacity

Technical specifications

  • Material:                            AISI 304 (standard) / nickel steel
  • Cargo level:                      0-98,5 %
  • Partly filling:                   No restrictions
  • Specific gravity:             0,57 / m3 (standard cargo)
  • Design temp., tank:      136°C to 164°C, delta temp. range 200°C
  • Over pressure, tank:     0,7 bar
  • Boil of rate:                     0,8 (standard)
  • Cargo handling:             Deep-well pumps
  • Insulation:                        Poly panels
  • Secondary barrier:        Isolation panels, w/leak-detection auxiliary
Brevik LNG Tank is developed to meet customers' demand for tailor-made solutions