Experience shows that the Brevik LNG Tank solution provides our clients with a competitive edge in their projects, with regards to cost, weight, carbon footprint and construction duration.

The flexibility and simplicity of the Brevik LNG Tank solution is developed with focus on hassle-free integration into existing ship designs with a minimum of alternations. This is one of the many reasons the design is constantly being integrated in design portfolios worldwide.

Competitive advantages

  • Technical and safety features in class with the best IMO B tanks
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Low weight per cubic cargo, combined with a high utilization of ship hull
  • Competitive cost due to low weight, efficient production method with parallel construction of tank and hull, and simplicity in regards to implementation of the tank into the ship hull
  • Our partner for tank construction may build any tank size, completed and class approved at the shipyard according to agreed fixed price and delivery schedule
Brevik LNG Tank is developed to meet customers' demand for tailor-made solutions